Heat and moisture exchanger (HME) Cassettes

All SpiroTectTM HME cassettes contain antibacterial coated foam that filters the inhaled air, helping to restore some of the normal respiratory functions whilst reducing infection

Learn more about what a laryngectomy is

A Laryngectomy can be a daunting process, education and understanding can be a huge help in coming to terms with the life changing procedure.

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All SpiroTectTM products are available on prescription. Click here to view our product catalogue and the individual product leaflets.

SpiroTect™ Secure Convex Baseplate (PTW700)

Skin friendly baseplate developed for a more precise, supportive and secure positioning around the stoma site. Designed with enhanced seal to help prevent air leakage.

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Laryngectomy products... with patients in mind

SpiroTectTM Laryngectomy products designed with the patient in mind. Our extensive range has a variety of prescription products developed to suit the different needs many Laryngectomees have.

Technology, innovation and quality

The variations in baseplates, heat and moisture exchangers (HME) and valves means that we are able to meet challenges faced by most Laryngectomees. We take pride in our products and we hope this will restore a little normality following a Laryngectomy.

It's what we know and what we do

Our extensive knowledge and experience in this particular field has enabled us to develop a range of innovative and often life improving products.

Customer Services

Kapitex will be very happy to help with any enquiries about SpiroTect products. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding prescription items.
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