Real Life Laryngectomee: Janet’s Story

My journey started in Spain about November 2007 when I started with a cold. So many people had colds and then a cough developed and would not go away. So bottle after bottle cough mixture was bought. It slowly cleared but my voice had seemed to change. Early 2008 and… Read more

Real Life Laryngectomee: Geoff’s Reiki Experience

Introduction. I was diagnosed with cancer of the throat just before Christmas 2008.   I then had a total laryngectomee in January 2009 and a partial thyroid removal at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.    All was well until I received the 37 sessions of radio-therapy accompanied by chemo-therapy.   Over the next three… Read more

Real Life Laryngectomee: Alec’s Story

My name is Alec Smith. I am 58 years old and this is the story of my laryngectomy – before, during and after. I had my laryngectomy on 24th August 2010 at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, but the story starts two or three years before that. I work… Read more