Kapitex acquire SpiroTect September 2019


Kapitex Healthcare Ltd is delighted to announce the acquisition of SpiroTect™ from ProSys International Ltd.

SpiroTect™ have been manufacturing and selling medical devices to help laryngectomy patients for over 5 years. The brand itself consists of over 30 individual product lines over a number of different categories, such as HME cassettes, wipes, tube holders and protectors; all of which are available on prescription. The SpiroTect™ brand fits well within the current range of products offered by Kapitex and this will allow a continuity of supply.

This marks a milestone in the continued growth plans of Kapitex and is a key step and a natural progression towards achieving our long-term strategy. We believe that this acquisition alongside our current research and development programme and our professional team of Clinical Specialists will allow us to expand further into supporting homecare in the community and help us to provide a better quality of service.

Should you require any further information please contact sales@kapitex.com


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