SpiroTect™ HMEs

Cassette containing antibacterial foam that filters the inhaled air, helping to restore some of the normal respiratory functions and reducing infection.

HMEs help to conserve a large proportion of heat and moisture to return to the Bronchi and Lungs, this helps to reduce dryness, coughing and mucus. HMEs help to reduce mucus which is commonly associated with Laryngectomies due to the Larynx being removed. SpiroTectTM have an additional advantage in that all our HMEs have an anti-bacterial coating which helps to protect patients from potential infection by removing particulates from their incoming breath.

Antibacterial cassettePTC1004 v2Antibacterial cassettePTC1005 v2Antibacterial cassette PTC1006 v2







*Antibacterial data on file

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