SpiroTect™ Duo Baseplate allows Laryngectomees to occlude for speech

The SpiroTectTM Duo System was developed initially to remove the need for bulkier HME cassettes and housing on baseplates. The system is revolutionary, simple to use and a combination product designed to work hand in hand with one another.

PTW600 and 601 together PTC1007

Since the launch of the products we have received some very positive feedback on how the Duo System is well suited to patients that haven’t used a baseplate or HME before as well as it being a very helpful product for patients with dexterity problems that may struggle with traditional HME cassettes.


Further patient and nurse feedback has demonstrated how the SpiroTectTM Duo Baseplate (PTW600/ PTW601) can reduce the stoma site and easily allow the patient to occlude to enable speech without the need for an HME should they not want to use one.

Visit the SpiroTectTM Duo System page for more information or complete the contact form to get in touch.

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