SpiroTect™ Extra Sticky Baseplate, Round (PTW501)

The SpiroTectTM Extra Sticky Baseplate, Round is skin friendly foam baseplate that has been developed with extra adhesion to secure HME Cassettes and Valves at the Laryngectomy stoma site. It is designed to prevent air leakage and make speech easier to achieve, enabling the Laryngectomee to lead a more comfortable quality of life. 

Product features & benefits
  • Available on prescriptionextra sticky v2
  • Skin friendly, soft foam material
  • Doesn’t contain latex
  • Water resistant material makes it suitable for showering
  • Very flexible and body contouring
  • Enable users to lead a more active lifestyle
  • Lightweight design
  • Side tab can help with quick, hassle free removal of the baseplate from the stoma site
Ordering information
  • Product Code: PTW501
  • Pack Size: 20
  • Available on prescription or through your usual supplier

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