SpiroTect™ Hands Free Cassette, Antibacterial (PTC1003)

The SpiroTectTM Hands Free System is comprised of SpiroTectTM Hands Free Valve (PTC1001), SpiroTectTM Hands Free Valve, Low Resistance (PTC1002) and SpiroTectTM Hands Free Cassette, Antibacterial (PTC1003). Together, these products enable the Laryngectomee to breathe and speak freely without having to use a finger to control air flow, restoring a little normality following a Laryngectomy.


Product features & benefits
  • Antibacterial coated foam to help reduce the potential of respiratory lung infection
  • High porous foam increases airflow and reduces breathing resistance, helping to restore normal airway resistance
  • Excellent filtration, moistening and warming of air to protect the trachea
  • Hands free HME, enabling Laryngectomee to speak without using finger
  • Easy to breathe through cassette, clothing will not block the airflow
  • Small, discreet and easy to use
  • Available on prescription

*Antibacterial data on file
Can only be used in conjunction with the Hands Free Valves

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Ordering information
  • Product Code: PTC1003
  • Pack Size: 30
  • Available on prescription or through your usual supplier
SpiroTec Hands Free System - Information Sheet

Click here to view the product information leaflet

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