SpiroTect™ Laryngectomy Tube, Perforated (PTT2001 – 2008)

This product is due to be discontinued from 30/09/20, for more details click here.

The SpiroTect™ Laryngectomy Tube ensures the trachea stoma is kept open and can be used with other medical products, for example, to facilitate with pulmonary restoration and speech. The SpiroTect™ Laryngectomy Tube is inserted via the stoma into the trachea and secured around the neck with a tube holder or a baseplate with tube connectors.

Product features & benefits
  • Made from Medical Grade silicone
  • Perforated to allow for speech
  • Soft and flexible design for patient comfort and to avoid any irritation
  • Side tabs are reinforced for product longevity
  • Lightweight with smooth edges for safety and comfort
  • PVC and Latex free, making them more acceptable to more patients
  • Equipped with mounting ring for use with baseplates, HME Cassettes and Hands Free Valves
  • Variety of sizes and lengths to suit variety of patients and stoma sizes
Ordering information

Please note SpiroTect™ tube sizes are measured via the outer diameter compared to alternative brands who measure their tube via the inner diameter. SpiroTect™ 44mm tube is the same as alternative brand’s 36mm, and 62mm is the same size as alternative brand’s 55mm.

  • Product Code: PTT2001 – Tube Size: Size 8 (o/d 12.0)/ 44mm
  • Product Code: PTT2002 – Tube Size: Size 9 (o/d 13.5)/ 44mm
  • Product Code: PTT2003 – Tube Size: Size 10 (o/d 15.0)/ 44mm
  • Product Code: PTT2004 – Tube Size: Size 12 (o/d 17.0)/ 44mm
  • Product Code: PTT2005 – Tube Size: Size 8 (o/d 12.0)/ 62mm
  • Product Code: PTT2006 – Tube Size: Size 9 (o/d 13.5)/ 62mm
  • Product Code: PTT2007 – Tube Size: Size 10 (o/d 15.0)/ 62mm
  • Product Code: PTT2008 – Tube Size: Size 12 (o/d 17.0)/ 62mm
  • Available on prescription or through your usual supplier

(o/d = outer diameter | all measurements quoted are in mm)

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