SpiroTect™ Shower Protector (PTA100)

The SpiroTectTM Shower Protector enables a Laryngectomee to shower without water entering the trachea. It is small and simple to use, taking the hassle out of showering with a Laryngectomy stoma.


Product features & benefits
  • Reusable and simple to use
  • To be used with SpiroTectTM Touch2Speak Cassette, Antibacterial (PTC1004) still in place
  • Also suitable for use in windy conditions to deflect air away from the stoma
  • Available on prescription 
Use this product with

The SpiroTectTM Shower Protector is to be used with the SpiroTectTM Touch2Speak Cassette, Antibacterial (PTC1004) still in place.
*Not suitable for use with the Duo System or the Sensitive Baseplate

Ordering information
  • Product Code: PTA100
  • Pack Size: 2
  • Available on prescription or through your usual supplier
SpiroTect Shower Protector PTA100 - Information Sheet

Click here to view the product information sheet


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