SpiroTect™ Tube Holder, 1 Piece (PTA200)

The SpiroTectTM Tube Holder is specially designed for use by recumbent patients and at night. It features two hook and loop, individually adjustable closures, enabling the Laryngectomee to adjust to a comfortable fit.

Product features & benefits
  • Created to securely hold the Laryngectomy Tube in place at the Stoma site
  • Made from soft, skin-friendly material to avoid any discomfort or irritation to the neck area
  • Easily adjustable to suit each patient with simple to use hook and loop closures
  • Closure can be quickly and simply released in case of emergency
  • Available on prescription
Ordering information
  • Product Code: PTA200
  • Pack Size: 10
  • Available on prescription or through your usual supplier
SpiroTect Laryngectomy Tube Holder, one pieece PTA200 - Information Sheet

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