SpiroTect™ Wear2Protect Cassette, Antibacterial (PTC1006)

Formally known as SpiroTect™ Cassette Night, Antibacterial (PTC1006)

The SpiroTect™ Wear2Protect Cassette, Antibacterial has an antibacterial coating to help reduce the potential of infection at the Laryngectomy stoma site. The SpiroTect™ Wear2Protect Cassette, Antibacterial is suitable for patients without speech ability.


Product features & benefits
  • Available on prescription
  • The Antibacterial coating will help to protect Laryngectomees from potential infection by removing particulates from their incoming breath
  • High porous foam increases airflow and reduces breathing resistance, helping to restore normal airway resistance
  • Excellent filtration, moistening and warming of air to protect the trachea
  • This product is ideal for night use when speech isn’t required or for Laryngectomees without speech ability
  • Can be used by Laryngectomees with esophageal speech
  • Small, discreet and easy to use
  • Fully tinted design

*Antibacterial data on file

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Ordering information
  • Product Code: PTC1006
  • Pack Size: 30
  • Available on prescription or through your usual supplier
SpiroTect Cassette Night PTC1006 - Information Sheet

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